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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

The first pink tuk tuk on the Silk Road?

Wuwei, Gansu Province, North West China

The Union Jack flies over Gansu

Today we finally turned West and headed for the plains of Central Asia along the fabled Silk Road. Its good to feel that we are, after 5 weeks of tukking north, finally heading for Europe and home. Although we're not even half way yet!

We said goodbye to Sam this morning who flew back home to Kunming to sleep for a week and celebrate his survival. So now we are in the capable hands of Jack, aged 26, from Urumqui. After a day with him we feel sure he is going to be lots of fun. Rather than cringing with embarassment when we sing or when Jo sprung into an impromptu Cossack dancing display in the middle of a quiet mountain road today, he joined in. Several cars stopped to view this strange scene, I whipped out the camera as per usual and then off we went. Now we are in Wuwei and tomorrow its 250 km's to Zhangye.

Very amusingly, Jo just got an email from MIND saying we have been shortlisted for Cosmopolitan's 'Fun Fearless Female' award. Hilarious. Great for boosting our fundraising though - we are currently almost at 20,000 pounds so still another 30,000 to go till we reach our target.

I was just thinking as we were driving today how wonderful it is to be travelling with Jo. Ever since an, erm, eventful 5 day caravanning trip in Norfolk aged 17 - had a car crash, went to hospital, nearly blew up the caravan, evicted from the caravan park - we have wanted to go travelling together. University, jobs and Jo's illness all delayed us by 10 years. I couldn't wish for a better person to be doing this trip with; Jo makes me laugh hysterically every day, rarely gets grotchety and always makes me wear suncream. What more could I wish for. So thank you ferret.

That's all for today. Gansu continues to fascinate with its curious meld of Chinese and Muslim culture, the mountains get more beautiful by the day and the fruit is incredible. Jack ate chicken's feet for dinner which he says are quite delicious. I'm not sure I agree.

xx Ants


Blogger gingerpop said...

I don't like it when there are no comments. So here goes, Jo the Cossacks will be delighted if you practice every day also a good cure for the tuk bouce.

2:58 PM  
Blogger bullyboys said...

Hi Mummy
Auntie says chicken feet are okay as long as the chicken washed them and didn't have athletes foot. if you don't want them bring them back for us. Uncle Bob has a certificate for walking the great wall - try and get one for Tukking along it. love and ferret kisses.

9:06 AM  

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