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Friday, June 23, 2006

Pingwu the penguin

23rd June, Pingwu

Just a quickie as they don't have a USB point on my computer and so cannot add my blog.

Yesterday we had a day off (whoohoooooo) in Chengdu, but were both too knackered to fully appreciate it. We were planning on going to a Chinese opera/martial arts/drama show in the evening, but Ants put herself to bed and I got lost for an hour and wandered the streets looking at my Rough Guide for clues as to my whereabouts.

Left Chengdu this morning and TT had her front brake pad changed- cost a measly 70pence and they can do the job far more quickly and skillfully than me. I watched closely and will perhaps do them in the future.

Tonight we are in Pingwu, which we insist on calling Pingu (like the penguin)- we are slightly immature. Anyway, it is very Chinese and I doubt they get many tourists here. The roads today were brill- pure tarmac and our average speed has increased to just over 40km/hour. It doesn't sound much but it made the driving so much more bearable.

We are off to the hotel now for an early night- Ants and I are sleeping in separate rooms tonight, because neither of us are sleeping well and apparently I snored like a real man last night- my mother would be proud.

Will do a proper blog with more interesting news v soon. Goodnight, good luck to my bro who gets his degree result today and get well soon to my ferret Shrimp, who had an operation today. xoxo


Blogger bullyboys said...

Hallo Mummy
Glad the driving is better. Shrimp has come through his op and is wearing the latest in ferret corsets to stop his fat tummy pulling his stitches. We will give him your love at visiting time. ferret hugs and kisses to you both.

5:15 AM  
Blogger Stan-Rhode Island said...

You two ladies seem to be holding up well through all this. But how is Sam your guide doing ??

Possible to send a photo of "poor suffering Sam" with you ??

I suspect what ever he's being paid to accompany you through China, he earing his money Grin

7:29 AM  
Blogger delay said...

just discovered team tuktuk for the first time today. love it.

recently got back from China myself and am having a great time laughing at your stories as they bring back many memories for me.

i will be sure to pass on the website and blog to my friends and fam and hopefully get you a few more pounds. keep up the good work.

11:57 PM  
Blogger ferretjane said...

Keep going!
enjoying reading the updates.
i've sent my best wishes to shrimp!

7:19 AM  

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