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Wednesday, May 31, 2006


Internet cafe, Phimai, Thailand

We're taking advantage of the fact that we've come across the internet for the first time in a few days so are doing not one but two blogs.

We drove from Kai Yao National Park to Phimai today, just over 200 km's, and have dived into the nearest internet cafe to check our mail and update our blog. The drive here was fairly amusing. People were pulling up level with us on the freeway, winding down their windows and waving and taking photos. And when we stopped for lunch at a tiny roadside cafe the owner rushed out brandishing yesterday's newspaper with Jo and I and Ting Tong on the front page. More photos were taken, lunch was free and a crate of water were loaded onboard before we waved and tukked off up the road.

The main purpose of this blog though is to put links to all the random press we've had in the last few days. Some are quite amusing.

BBC News, Monday May 29th


Yahoo UK news


Deccan Herald, India. May 29th, 2006


Daily Times, Pakistan. May 29th, 2006


This has got to be the funniest....


And if you understand Japanese then try this:


More cheese..


That's about it!

One final point, Jo is currently reading an email from her ferrets....


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