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Monday, May 15, 2006

In need of a holiday....

Could things get any more hectic I wonder? With 5 days to go till we finally leave for Bangkok Jo and I are running round like the proverbial headless chickens. This morning we've been getting the final things together for the launch party; organising the sound checks with Santi the sound engineer, talking to the singers and bands, finalising the guest list... then there's the Skype press launch to think about and the horrific thought of having to stand up in front of people and talk about what we are doing. I guess we had better get used to it.

Quite apart from the launch party there's equipment to be ordered and bought, insurance of the satellite modem to sort out, raffle prizes to be blagged, embassies to be written to, travellers cheques to be ordered. And to top it all off I've had a temoperature for two days and have been lying in bed feeling utterly rubbish. Good timing immune system.

If you're coming to the launch party then be prepared for not only excellent music but exxxxxcellent raffle prizes - a night and dinner for two at The Victoria Hotel in Norfolk. Lauded by every broadsheet out there this has to be one of Britain's best boutique hotels, and is beside the most beautiful beach. Then there is a week in Romania (summer 2007) at my Ma's gorgeous pad in the Trannsylvanian mountains. If you're one for nature and wide open spaces then this is for you. Next up is a fabulous killim from Uzbekistan, worth £500 - very kindly donated by my favourite sister Zara who's an interior designer. I'll be buying lots of tickets as I am desperate to get my mitts on that killim, it really is yummy. Plus there's some booze and a few other very special prizes tbc. Tickets will be £5 each.

Other news - Jo and I did an interview for www.gapyear.com - check it out on their home page. Thanks Nik and Tom for all your support. Plus we are gracing the home page of www.khaosanroad.com - thanks John.

Back to bed with me now for more echinacea and super vits - need to get the old strength back for the rigours of the week ahead. See you on Wednesday....x


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