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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Happy Easter

Ants has really put me to shame with her blogging skills- she had to remind me yesterday how to actually use our blog. So, this is the first post from me (Jo) since the very first post after our bike tests.

This whole trip doesn't feel real to me yet. Ants has described it as doing all the preparation and reading for your university dissertation and then you just have to sit down and write the bloody thing. I think that we are so involved in all of the planning and preparation and there is so much to do that it is difficult to comprehend that in 5 weeks time we will be flying out to Bangkok.

Went to see the nurse at my Doctor's surgery today and I will need to have 4 jabs before I go. I need a polio booster and was most upset to learn that this is no longer given on a sugar lump, as I remember my last polio shot aged about 5. I have also been advised to have meningitis and consider rabies and Japanese encephalitis. So next Tuesday I have an appointment with the nurse and will have the pleasure of 2 injections and my overdue smear test- I can hardly wait!

However, before that it is Easter and that means a couple of things- hot cross buns and chocolate. See, being made to go to Church everyday at school doesn't necessarily make one a good Christian. I am totally clueless about the Bible and its contents- not that that makes me a bad person, does it? I think I am just one of the hundreds and thousands of young people out there who are not particularly religious and God fearing. The closest I get to God is probably uttering the phrase 'Oh my God' on a reasonably regular basis. The God on our trip will be Ting Tong and I hope that she can undergo a blessing before we leave Bangkok. I will kiss her everyday and worship her beautifully formed three wheels and pink bodywork. Actually, that reminds me that I probably need to keep reading my latest purchase 'Autorepair for Dummies'. Plus, I need to get intimate with my unloved motorbike and learn how to remove her front wheel, because on our trip we will need to change our front brake pads roughly every 3000km.

I would like to reiterate Ants' thanks to Sam and Bea for their invaluable advice- such lovely and well-informed people. Our meeting left me feeling pretty positive.
Anyway, I think I have talked quite enough crap, so now I am going to go and make some breakfast- the time is 4.45 pm and my body clock is way out of sync. I was up really late last night though, because I played with the ferrets in Brighton, after having seen October (Toby) at a gig in Kingston before bombing down the M23 back to Brighton from my parents' house. Well done Tobes- you were wicked despite those drunk twats in the corner that wouldn't stop talking really loudly.
ciao for now......


Blogger anna said...

jo that really made me laugh.

5:13 AM  
Blogger Tania said...

Our body clock sometimes stays a big problem...

8:10 AM  

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