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Monday, April 10, 2006

World Records and launch parties

I just had lunch with the afore mentioned Hugh Sinclair, who in 1991 broke the world record for traversing the America's by bike. What a fount of information; I've come away with my brain bulging and a list of tips as long as my arm. Thanks Hugh for all your invaluable help. Hugh's story is a funny one; he and a friend decided that they wanted to break a world record. They didn't know how or where but it had to be a record. They weren't bikers but when they found out that there was no confirmed record for the fastest crossing of the America's by bike, they decided that was what they would do. So they got their tests and set off. 35 days riding, 40 accidents and an airlift later they did it. And Hugh has barely ridden a bike since! Glad to see that we're not the only certifiable people out there.

After lunch I went to the Cobden Club to check out the venue for our launch party. Its a great space so we are all set for May 17th. Keep it free....

Jo's back from India so we're getting together tomorrow to work out our final plan of action. Only 5 weeks to go and so much to think about still.


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