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The trials and tukulations of Jo, Ants and Ting Tong the tuk tuk and our three-wheeled odyssey from Bangkok to Brighton...in aid of the mental health charity Mind. For more information please see www.tuktotheroad.com

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Grasshoppers for supper

We're in Bangkok, its hot and sticky, we ate grasshoppers last night, Ting Tong is PINK..and we wrote a massive blog last night which got wiped by a power cut at the last minute. So after we've done all our running around today we'll write a proper update tonight as there is lots and lots of news. But for the moment take a peek at this:


More later...


Blogger Stan-Rhode Island said...

I'm 71. A part of me thinks, these girls are nuts! But another part of me wishes them great sucess and wish I was there as the official trip photographer.

Good luck, will be looking forward to reading of your adventures, and perhaps talk to you on Skype.

7:32 AM  

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