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The trials and tukulations of Jo, Ants and Ting Tong the tuk tuk and our three-wheeled odyssey from Bangkok to Brighton...in aid of the mental health charity Mind. For more information please see www.tuktotheroad.com

Sunday, September 10, 2006


Brighton 11th september, past my bed time

We (Jo, Ants and TT) would like to say a huge big thank you to a number of people.

Indrum (www.indrum.com)- darling Brian, you have been an absolute star for creating such a wonderful website for Tuk to the Road; our site is the voice of this whole project and it is thanks to you that people have found out about our trip and helped us raise £24,000 for Mind to date; we will forever be indebted to you

Bob Carden (Brighton's mayor)- thank you for welcoming us back to Brighton after our 14 week adventure; it was the best day of my life and you helped make it that

The Brighton tuc tucs- for escorting us the last couple of miles home; it was great fun and a fitting way to finish- 3 is the magic number

Mind- for believing in us and supporting us throughout our trip; only another £26,000 to go

Expertise (www.yourtuktuk.com)- Anuwat, you are a genius and built us the best tuk tuk in the world

David Fall (British ambassador to Thailand)- for giving us the best send off in Bangkok, providing moral support throughout and travelling to be there at the finish line too

Sally- for bringing my darling bully boys to meet us at the end, looking after them, saving Shrimp's life and teaching them how to email and blog

Lara, Kaye and Patsy- for looking after the rest of my babies so well; I am so grateful

Skype (www.skype.com)- the whole team and particularly Hannah, for your support throughout; a friend for life

PI Direct (www.pidirect.co.uk Tel: 020 7337 7500)- for your sponsorship and support throughout

Activair (www.activair.com)- for your sponsorship and support

Brighton Square (www.brightonsquare.co.uk)- for your sponsorship and support

Travelfish (www.travelfish.org)- for your sponsorship, journalistic talents, great photographs and reliable info on SE Asia

Cellhire (www.cellhire.co.uk)- for providing us with the BGAN which enabled us to blog and communicate throughout the trip; also, for the endless support

Liftshare (www.liftshare.com)- for your sponsorship and support

Imperial Hotels (www.imperialhotels.co.uk)- for your sponsorship and support

Mazars (www.mazars.co.uk)- for your sponsorship and support

PDC (www.pdc-brighton.co.uk)- for designing and producing our leaflets and business cards

Toniks languages (www.toniks.com)- for providing Russian lessons so that Ants could navigate us safely through Kazakhstan, Russia and the Ukraine

Silva (www.silva.se)- for providing our environmentally friendly solar panels

Whtiby and Co (www.whitbyandco.co.uk)- for providing us a leatherman, an essential mutlitool that we used every day

Nomad (www.nomadtravel.co.uk)- for providing us with our comprehensive medical kit, which we would have been in trouble without on more than one occassion

Ultraseal (www.ultraseal.biz)- for providing us with Ultraseal for all of TT's tyres, so that we didn't get a single puncture; all vehicles should use this product

Shaz- for your support and technical skills regarding all things relating to video cameras; sorry for my occassional nudity

Dad, mum and Nick- without you this trip would never have happened; I love you all so much

And of course not forgetting my partners in crime........

TT aka Ting Tong, Tingers, Ting a Ling, little minx etc....you got us home safe and sound and I love every inch of your pink and chrome body....but, you were built by the tuk tuk genius of the world

Mr Ant, Antonia Banderas, Fez, ferret, Ants, Antonia, woofy.....etc....

...couldn't have wished for a better partner...for all your hard work, organisation, support and love....if it wasn't for you I would still be asleep and snoring in China....I LOVE YOU

To everyone who has donated to Mind- your money will make a difference to those out there suffering with mental health problems; from us and them, thank you.

To all those who I haven't mentioned above and there are many more, you know who you are and we love you all for your support and kindness over the last eight months.

Thank you and goodnight,




Blogger Ting Tong said...

Will Uncle Steven really make me feel better? Will I then have nice itchy wheels and want to get back on the road?
Hope so 'cos Norfolk is only just round the corner (in the scheme of things) and I like children 'cos they are small like me.
I think it is Jo Tukker who comes in here and talks to the ferrets but I am confused 'cos my tukkers called each other "ferret".
Please whoever you are talk to me too.
Miss you both and loved our adventures.

3:16 PM  
Blogger tuktotheroad said...

Wow Ting Tong, when the hell did you learn to talk? You kept that one quiet.. Miss you too, can't wait till you come to Noroflk xx Ants

7:26 AM  
Blogger Ting Tong said...

I learnt to speak English when I realised my tukkers did not understand Thai - it was easy to learn because they talked a lot. I know some very naughty words which ,being a lady, I will not repeat. I tried to make my tukkers listen to me by "Shsh-ing" at them but they thought I had developed a funny hiss, so I gave up.
Uncle steve came to see me and said I had a beautiful engine - I had a lovely flirt with him but he wouldn't take me for a drive. So I am still shut in.
Thay have funny weather here - one minute hot, then cold and then just when I think the monsoon has started, the rain stops and the sun comes out. It feels damp and makes me want to splutter and I think I may be getting chilblains.
The ferrets make fun of me by making pathetic little back-firing noises. Just wait til I get going again - I'll scare them with a proper back-fire!

10:54 AM  

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