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Saturday, September 02, 2006

Touch Down

A Secret Location in South East England....

14 weeks and over 20,000 km's later we have made it...as far as England at least. At 3.30 pm this afternoon the three of us waved goodbye to foreign fields and tukked onto the Eurostar. An hour later we were hogging the inside lane of the M20 and heading for Brighton. Now here we are, tukked away in a leafy corner of the south of England, preparing for the final touch down tommorrow afternoon.

Being in England is VERY strange; Jo and I have both got the sensation of being imposters in our own country. It feels like we have been away for ages, seen so much, its almost too much to take in that tomorrow it all comes to an end. Its very sad. Last night, after a few too many glasses of white wine and champagne, the thought of coming back to England and finishing this glorious adventure made me cry. I know it will be wonderful to see everyone, but after that its Monday, and reality, and all those What Next? questions.

Our last night abroad could not have been more perfect. We had the privilege of staying with Sam and Bea Rutherford in Brussels, who spoilt us rotten and fed us amazing Belgian chocolate brownies and champagne. I mentioned them both on a blog months ago: Sam drove from london to Sydney in a pink landrover -called Pinky - in 1998-9, and gave us lots of invaluable advice before we left. It seems like months and months ago that he and Bea, over a glass of wine in Winchester, asked us to come and stay with them as we tukked past Brussels. Thanks guys for a wonderful European send off.

So many thoughts and feelings are galloping through my head about the last few months, about tomorrow, about next week, next month, next year....but they'll have to wait till next week to be blogged. All I can say is that the last few months have been both the most exhilarating and challenging times of my life. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to do such a journey, to meet the people I have, and to have travelled with two such wonderful companions. I know there will be more tears tomorrow.

FINALLY...and very importantly...here are the details about tomorrow.

We are landing in Bartholomew Square, Brighton, England, at 3.30 p.m. Click on the below link for details fo how to get there:


You won't be able to miss us, we're pink and we have three-wheels. The Mayor of Brighton is welcoming us and as far as we know BBC South Today and a few other journalists are coming. There will also be some diamonte encrusted ferrets in a 'Weasel Wagon' in attendance. The more the merrier and if you live in the Brighton area and have nothing better to do on a Sunday afternoon then do come down. We're not quite sure what happens after, but the general idea is to have a PARTY / few drinks somewhere in Brighton, after we have tukked up TT in her PJs in her new home.

More blogs next week, when we have recovered from the shock of finishing. Happy Saturday night xx Ants


Blogger bullyboys said...

Yeah, and these ferrets get vicious if you don't donate, so turn the loose change out of your pockets or we will ferret it out! (And it's only Shrimp who will be looking a pink pillock in his Barbie ferret harness - we're too sensible and tough! Bam Bam, Garlic and Norton). Only a day to go. Mummmeee!!!!

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